WDWCP Role: Attractions

On my Walt Disney World college program I was given the role attractions.  Before arriving to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, I had no idea where I was working. Attractions was actually my first choice.  I arrived in Florida and checked into the college program on August 9, 2010.  At casting on that day was when I found out I would be working at Hollywood Studios Backland Attractions. A few days later, I went to On with the Show at Hollywood Studios and found out my specific location.  I was given the attraction Shuttles.  I had no clue what I was doing until I met my trainer the next day.  I honestly thought that I would be working in the parking lot.

Turns out Shuttles is a part of the Studios Backlot Tour.  The shuttles portion is the second half of the Backlot Tour.  After the guest go through a Pearl Harbor Attack at the Tank portion they come to the Shuttles part of the tour. The Shuttles part of the tour is a tram ride showing guests props, the costuming tunnel, and Catastrophe Canyon.  

My job consisted of driving the shuttle, ensuring guests safety, loading guests, unloading guests, safety spiels, and dispatching the shuttles.

Above is a picture of me in my costume at work.  The costume is a red button down shirt with a studio backlot tour patch on the left side.  Below the patch is where the name tag is worn.  The cast members get the choice of wearing khaki pants or shorts.  The black belt must be worn and is provided at costuming. If wearing shorts, white socks, above the ankle must be worn.  If wearing pants you must wear black socks.  The shoes should be all black.  Sunglasses can be worn but you must be able to see the eyes.  Jackets are available either the blue wind breaker or a black pea-coat.  It is okay to wear pins at any position. Your hair may be worn up or down at this attraction. In the photo below the girl on the far left is wearing the pea-coat, I’m in the middle wearing the wind breaker, and the girl second on the left is wearing a pin patch.

Above is a picture of some fellow college program cast members before working fire works on New Years Eve.  Cast members at the Studio Backlot Tour get a chance to work special event fireworks.  The fireworks don’t happen that often but they are fun to work.  For fireworks we just wore our regular costumes with bright vests and hard hats. The main goal in working fireworks was to keep cast backstage from going into dangerous territory where the fireworks were being set off.  

Cast members at Studio Backlot Tour also have the chance to work at the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Here we just worked crowd control.  Just basically answering questions and making magic.  If working spectacle you would wear the same khaki pants or shorts but with a yellow button down shirt.  You were also given a choice between a red and white scarf or hat.  These were given out right before your shift.  I only worked spectacle a couple of times so I do not have a picture in the costume.  These shifts were hard to get because most people liked working it. 

Please follow my blog and ask questions.  Let me know what you would like to see in upcoming blogs.  I have a ton of pictures from my program and would love to share them.  In my next post I’ll be explaining the second attraction I was given when I extended.